The Dangers Of Wisdom + Manual for Performer @ stattberlin

The Dangers Of Wisdom

Marjorie Toussaint 

Delphine Marinier
Video installation

Vernissage: 11. Mai 2012, 18 – 22 Uhr + Performances ab 19 Uhr:

+Manual for Performers

Performance project M4P with various performers:
Nancy Banfi | Marielle kleyn Winkel | Ellinor Ljungkvist | Patricia Woltmann

By Following and Giving Instructions to Make a Performance

Excises performing and performance art and brainstorming ideas; each artist write instruction after performing, and pass to some other people, or maybe a stranger, who knows. The one who performs, will receive the instructions when the performance begins.

Lottum Strasse 1
10119 Berlin

11.05. – 19.5.2012

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