Sam Melser, Study for biosphere, 2014, Oil on canvas (left) | Cameron Tauschke, Foursome, 2013, Ink on paper (right)


Sam Melser and Cameron Tauschke: A collaborative exhibition
inspired by David Bowie exploring the ruins of amnesia

Eröffnung: Samstag 7. Juni 2014, 16 Uhr

Subterraneans is the second collaborative exhibition by artists Sam Melser and Cameron Tauschke. Inspired by Low, an experimental album by David Bowie recorded and mixed in France and Berlin and released in 1977, Melser and Tauschke reinterpret ‘Subterraneans’, the final song on the album by digging new holes and clearing new tracks. Being Subterranean is much more than being underground. For these two artists from New Zealand and Australia it is a method to rediscover historical juxtapositions. For Bowie, Subterraneans refers to the imposed silence and isolation of those living in East Berlin during the cold war. (Falco Sternburg)

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Wriezener Straße 12
13359 Berlin-Wedding

07. 06. – 28.  06. 2014 | Fr. – Sa. 15 – 18 Uhr

Tram M13, 50 Grüntaler Straße

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