Jenny Keuter (Finissage + Performance by ​​​​​​Naama Ityel) @ BERLIN-WEEKLY.COM

​​​​​​Naama Ityel

a performance in the installation by Jenny Keuter

Donnerstag 11. Dezember 2014, 20 Uhr  (doors open 19h)

“The keynote of Jenny’s work is the exploration and perception of  spatial structures, visualised in terms of lines and shapes. Whether she  works with drawings or with installations, her creative process is based  on a two and three-dimensional approach, so the space is always explored
by several angles, originating a multifaceted work. This happens either  with the use of screenprint technique which allows Jenny to overlay and  superimpose geometric drawings, creating a structured but at the same  time coincidental conglomerate of lines, as well as with string installation.”  Serena Rota, curator and writer at Artistdock

Gallery Space
Linienstr. 160
10115 Berlin

bis zum 11. 12. 2014 sichtbar 0 – 24 Uhr | |

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