Grégoire Blunt + Emmy Skensved @ Import Projects


Grégoire Blunt + Emmy Skensved : eStamina

Samstag 14. Februar 2015, 18 – 22 Uhr
„Import Projects is pleased to present the Berlin based duo Emmy Skensved and Grégoire Blunt. Their upcoming exhibition, entitled eStamina, delves into the perceived possibilities of ‘human enhancement’ through technological means. The centrepiece of the show, a 60-minute ambient audio track accompanied by cg visuals in a drugged fog, involves written contributions from 26 others, including artists, musicians, curators and a neuroscientist. In compiling these varied accounts, a futuristic dreamscape emerges, a projection of anxieties and desires driven by the hyper-emotionalized and aestheticized ideals of the commercial sphere.“ (Text: Import Projects)

Keithstr. 10
10787 Berlin

15. 02. – 07. 03. 2015

U Wittenbergplatz

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