Garten a.V. – frontviews temporary @ Kunstquartier Bethanien


Garten a.V.

Sabine Bokelberg | Hanako Geierhos | Thomas Grötz | Marie von Heyl | Dominic Kennedy | Alana Lake | Simon Mullan | Kes Richardson | Michael Schultze | Anke Völk | Finbar Ward | Michaela Zimmer

Eröffnung: Freitag 4. September 2015, 19 – 23 Uhr

Gardeners nurture ties
The referential new sprouts wild blossoms and barbecues are held in summer. Ça ira! Old doctrines are hanging from lampposts and straight on is to the wide side.

The initial idea for this show developed during an artist talk at a collection in Berlin, that focused on the illustration of nature in painting.

Meanwhile artists from London and Berlin were exchanging ideas concerning degrees of abstraction alongside an interest in gardens and gardeners.

Everybody agreed that trees are difficult to paint the wrong way, since the growth of branches always looks awkward.

The title “Garten a.V” refers to a certain kind of allotment, the “Gartenkolonie”, that was popular in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, and still exists in various forms.

12 artists from London and Berlin will show work that has been made or selected to either evoke a certain notion of garden or trigger memories of visual or theoretical ideas of nature.

Located at the project space at Kunstquartier Bethanien in the late summer of 2015 the show will offer an opportunity to take a stroll in a postmodern garden.

frontviews temporary at Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

Sa. 05. 09. 21 – 23  Uhr | So. 06. 09. 2015 18 – 23 Uhr Uhr  |


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