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Constructivism presupposes that the correspondence between knowledge and reality should be met with a certain degree of doubt.
Constructivism postulates that knowledge is not the result of depiction in the sense that it uncovers an objectively existing reality; it is rather the result of an invention of reality. The human brain doesn’t generate a photographic depiction of reality; it creates its own image of the world by means of sensory perceptions. The truth is that which is perceived as such. Constructivism doesn’t deny the existence of truth. It just argues that statements about reality stem from the individual experience, history, development, and (limited) physical possibilities of the senses. It is therefore the task of constructivism to show how reality is constructed.
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All of the presented positions are abstract in a constructivist sense. The phenomenon of a reality that we invent before we experience and move around in it, intensifies and becomes perceptible in that which we call virtual reality. The fact that we invent and define our surroundings to an increasing extent is lately beginning to carry with it an enhanced artificiality in art. It is not so much imitation of nature as a construction or deconstruction of landscape and space, of architecture, natural forms, but also medial information. The collected works of all the artists are united in that they are in some way hybrids between natural and virtual space. As if the virtual became haptic.Jens Hausmann

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