Light Movement 8: Helga Fanderl @ SPEKTRUM art_technology_community


Light Movement 8: Helga Fanderl

Donnerstag 24. September 2015, doors 7pm | screening 8pm

Helga Fanderl will be at Spektrum in person to present one of her unique screening programs from both Super-8 and 16mm projections.

„I am inspired by patterns of movements, rhythms, forms, textures and colours when I transform into film what I see, feel, think and imagine, shaping images, shaping time.
The individual films are shown in changing programs. Making a temporary ‚montage‘ of selected work means to create a unique ephemeral „film“ for every screening. The meaning of the single films as well as the perception of time varies in relation to the surrounding films. At the same time, each program evokes essential aspects of my filmmaking in general. The viewers experience an intense film cosmos where they can easily loose their usual notion of time and space.“ (Helga Fanderl)

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