Raul Meel (Appropriating Language #10) @ Manière Noire


Raul Meel „Appropriating Language #10 – REAL NAMES“

Freitag 25. September 2015, 19 – 22 Uhr

Raul Meel was during the ‘70s and ‘80s a representative of radical art in Estonia. Nowadays he is a prominent figure in the national and international art scene. Meel’s artistic discourse is not easy to describe: it is a hybrid, as it embraces different aspects of the avant-garde and contemporary art. Meel sees himself as participating in an endless process, in which words are essential. By perpetually typing Estonian names, Raul Meel creates concrete poetries where geometry and language, like two falling into each other galaxies, merge beautifully. In his first personal exhibition in Berlin Meel shows ca 15 graphic prints from 1969 until 2014.
Read the full text of Harry Liivrand [here… ]

Manière Noire
Waldenserstr. 7a
10551 Berlin-Moabit

25. 09. – 16. 10. 2015  | Do. – Sa. 9:30 – 16 Uhr and by appointment.


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