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Iph | The Beard of Maqbool

Donnerstag 1. Oktober 2015, 18:30 Uhr

Upasana Sarraju is an Indian artist and writer currently in residence at the Liegenschaft, IAM.
Her residency focuses on the exploring the complex association between words and silence. Their natures remain infinitely powerful in their absolute, mutually-exclusive forms even as the immersion of oneself in either only reveals the depth and beauty of the other.
To represent this exploration and her artistic journey so far, she presents two pieces of work at her studio: a short dramatic performance on Oct 1, and an exhibition of a series of humourous letters from Oct1-3. The details are given below.

You are welcome to stay after the performance and exhibition to chat with Upasana over some spiced Indian tea (made from an ancient exotic family recipe).

The Beard of Maqbool
Love Letters from a Personal Prison.Personal Letters from a Love Prison. Prison Letters from a Personal Love. A Personal Love Letter from Prison.
1. – 3. Oktober 2015, 11 – 19 Uhr
Büro für Bestimmte Dinge, Sonnenallee 147, Neukölln

Stuttgarter Strasse 13


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