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RULE C a project by Atelier Impopulaire:


A.P.E. Art Projects Era | Feminist Land Art Retreat | Rhein Verlag | Studio for Propositional Cinema

Eröffnung: Samstag 10. Oktober 2015, 19 Uhr

Look For Us In The Inkwells is an exhibition developed for Atelier Impopulaire’s RULE C series at Archive Kabinett, which includes work made by and around four separate but inter-connected collective projects: A.P.E. Art Projects Era, Feminist Land Art Retreat, Rhein Verlag, and Studio for Propositional Cinema. Over the past couple of years, each of these projects have interweaved at various nexus points, though hosting each other’s exhibitions, publishing and printing each other’s books, texts and posters, starting joint ventures together, and otherwise proving a dialogue and context for their work. Focussing on polemical forms of language distribution, this exhibition marks the first of several future projects in which Atelier Impopulaire will be implicated within this network.

A.P.E (art projects era) wants to challenge the limitations of given structures. The aim of the organization is to develop projects (performances, exhibitions, printed matter, meetings) that cannot necessarily be realized within traditional institutional formats or frameworks.

Feminist Land Art Retreat / an act or instance of escaping: as / flight from confinement / evasion of something undesirable / leakage or outflow / especially of a fluid / distraction or relief from routine or reality / a means of escape / a cultivated plant run wild

rhein-verlag, founded in 2008, is a loose collective of artists, who share a common interest in the book as an artistic medium. this was the motive which inspired us to found a publishing company. rhein verlag enables us to publish and distribute the artist books we make. each book is considered to be an independent and self-contained piece of art and is devised and produced as such.

Studio for Propositional Cinema was inaugurated with a public call to action in 2013 at the Kunstverein Düsseldorf. Through language, actions, sounds, and images, through production, publication, exhibition, and fictions, they seek to reconfigure culture from a network of ideological formations into a dialogue of hypothetical gestures.

Atelier Impopulaire is the collaborative project of Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi. Its research focuses primarily on time-based media practices, curating, possible forms of exhibition making, moving image, text and theory. AI investigates the identity of the image, deconstructing and reinterpreting its politics of representation through traditional devices and experimental media.

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