YNOA #4: Adi Liraz, Catherine Xu, Miriam Böhm, Sanija Kulenovic, and more! @ the CLUB


Yes/No/Other/All #4

Adi Liraz | Sanija Kulenovic | Catherine Xu | Muck Muñoz  | Miriam Böhm | et al.

Sonntag 18. Oktober 2015, 20 Uhr

Adi Liraz
Looking At Medusa
Connecting with the mythological figure of Medusa, Liraz is interacting with different aspect of identity and visibility, leaving marks and traces of the different layers of herself on her own body, in the space and within the audience.
“Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.” ― Hélène Cixous, ‘The Laugh of the Medusa’, 1975

Sanija Kulenovic
Safe Space: Welcome
If our body is historically shaped
and if our consciousness bears
the experience of previous generations,
is our identity incorporated?
“Safe space” is an interactive performance
dealing with questions of identity,
based on artist’s personal experience
in face of some current aspekts of our reality.

Catherine Xu
„They say it’s the best years
Are you lost as well?“

Muck Muñoz

Miriam Böhm
to me
finding true identity
means developing into this loose shape
within all its faces lovely and gently spoken

life is never against you
it is a mirror of ourselves
inviting us
not to fear

Our mission:

“I am what I am” and “you are what you do.” Behind and between these deceptively simple assertions lie seemingly endless ways of performing our manifold identities – and yet our lives and work so often coalesce around pre-defined relational points, often out of social or political necessity.

Yes/no/other/all sets out to showcase work that highlights the overlap of being, doing, and becoming oneself – and examining the social structures against which this self is defined.

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