Microbe-philia with Brian Degger @ Schillerpromenade 4


Microbe-philia: Art Practices that Explore our Relationships with Microbial Familiars

Brian Degger:  Biohacking | Synthetic Biology | BioArt

Freitag 23. Oktober 2015, 16 – 18 Uhr

Die Ergebnisse des Workshops dieser Woche sind öffentlich zu besichtigen!

Brian Degger (AU/UK) will show us how to breed and isolate bacteria for paper.

In myth and fable, a familiar was an animal companion that was taken
care of and in turn cared for its owner. If we apply this to the modern
world it can be seen that our bacterial symbionts are similar to
familiars. This process of @familiar‘-isation is known as fermentation.
During the workshop we will work to isolate bacterias that ferment sugar
into bacterial cellulose or paper.

Brian Degger is a Newcastle based art and science practitioner,
originally from Adelaide Australia, with a PhD in molecular biology. He
likes the outdoors, enjoys continuing to explore this post-industrial
future. His interest in science has become more about ’science‘ as a
culture than ’science as experimentation‘.

Initiated by Mindaugas Gapševičius in the open spaces of Schillerpromenade 4.

Schillerpromende 4
12049 Berlin



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