Videoart at Midnight #68: Amie Siegel @ Kino Babylon


Amie Siegel

Freitag 23. Oktober 2015, 24 Uhr | midnight

(Eintritt frei | admission free)

Amie Siegel, who will be in Berlin to premiere her artist´s ook  „Love Letters“, a new work for the exhibition Wohnungsfrage at the HKW. For Videoart at Midnight she selected The Architects (2014), one of her very recent works, followed by The Sleepers (1999) an earlier work shot on 16 mm.

The Architects
2014, HD Video, color/sound

The Architects cuts transversally through the city of New York, producing a continuous image of the global architecture office today. Moving through several architecture studios—from Fifth Avenue to Downtown to Brooklyn—the film depicts the operational territories and landscapes of worldwide architectural production from New York …  [more here… ]

The Sleepers
1999, 16mm film, 45 min., colour/sound

The architecture of city windows at night, lives glimpsed at a distance—a man talks on the phone as his wife reads the paper, another watches TV, a woman stares out into the dark. Are these scenes set-up? Are the people actors? Do they know they are being watched? These narrative fragments elicit tensions between public and private, performance and reality, lyrical and vernacular …  [more here… ]

Please note the exhibition at the HKW here:  [Info… ]

Text about The Architects by Helmut Draxler in the current (October) issue of Artforum here:  [Info… ]
Großer Kinosaal
10178 Berlin

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