Science Hack Day Berlin: Final Hack Presentations @ Fab Lab Berlin



Final Hack Presentations – „all welcome, drinks at the bar“

Sonntag 25. Oktober 2015, 15 – 18 Uhr

This Sunday you see the results of this year´s Science Hack Day 2015. FabLab opens its doors to all who didn’t manage to join in this year, or are simply curious to see what’s been happening in there.

All teams will present their weird  science hacks for friends, fans and a panel of expert judges. Prizes will be awarded for different categories including the audience favourite.​​

What is Science Hack Day?
The mission of Science Hack Day is to get excited and make things with science! A Hack Day is a 48-hour-all-night event that brings together designers, developers, scientists and other geeks in the same physical space for a brief but intense period of collaboration, hacking, and building ‘cool stuff’. By collaborating on focused tasks during this short period, small groups of hackers are capable of producing remarkable results.

What’s a Hack?
A hack is a quick solution to a problem – maybe not the most elegant solution, but often the cleverest. On the web, mashups are a common example of hacking: mixing up data from different sources in new and interesting ways.

 Science Hack Day is for anyone with an interest in bringing science and technology together.

Fab Lab Berlin
Prenzlauer Allee 242
10405 Berlin

bis in den Abend…

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