Elizabeth McTernan @ Schillerpalais


Artist talk and soup with:

Elizabeth McTernan

Samstag 7. November, 2015

Featured hosts & guests: Elizabeth McTernan, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Axel Daniel Reinert

Axel Daniel Reinert talks about the activities of Schillerpalais, which was founded in 2002 as an initiative of artists and residents of the „Schillerkiez Neighbourhood“ affinely to the arts. The aim of this „art and action space“ is to promote art and culture in Berlin-Neukölln. (Non)Regular exhibitions of art and cultural events are designed to facilitate access to art and particularly artistic processes in the neighborhood. He also operates a blog, where upcoming events in artist run places [but not only these…  ;-)] are announced.  https://axeldanielreinert.wordpress.com/

Mindaugas Gapševičius is to be associated with transdisciplinary art practices fluctuating between net.art, installations and participatory events. He conceptualizes the flow of (digital) information, analyzes its inner logic and modes of application. While linking virtual and physical, he engages into social and futuristic themes.
Mindaugas Gapševičius is Lithuanian artist based in Berlin, Weimar and Vilnius. http://www.triple-double-u.com/

Elizabeth McTernan – traveling to remote landscapes and taking geological/astronomical events as found footage of the world –  uses actions, installation, drawing, printmaking, sound, and storytelling to create narrative structures for the reconsideration of perception. She sets the curved horizon of landscape into tension with the square horizons of screens, speakers, documents, and images. This work is not performance, but rather non-vicarious gesture: something that has to be done to confirm the absurdity of being. Puns are implemented as necessary.
Elizabeth McTernan is an American artist based in Berlin.

Schillerpromenade 4
12049 Berlin

http://www.schillerpalais.de/ [zur Zeit online nicht sichtbar, aber real vorhanden ] | https://artisttalkandsoupschillerpalais.de | [Stadtplanlink ]

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