Light and Heavy @ HilbertRaum


Light and Heavy 

Freitag 20. November 2015, 19:30 Uhr 

Detlef Baltrock | Róbert Batykó | David Benforado | Amir Fattal | Dionisis Kavalieratos | Sifis Lykakis | Wanda Stolle

The works collected in this group exhibition curated by David Benforado at Hilbert Raum present different aspects of the concepts of Light and Heavy, bringing the attention to their complex and dichotomous nature.

The exhibition – that features works by Detlef Baltrock, Róbert Batykó, David Benforado, Amir Fattal, Dionisis Kavalieratos, Sifis Lykakis, Wanda Stolle – focuses on the diverse meanings and applications of light and heavy, pertaining both to the physical and the conceptual worlds. This diversity is made additionally evident by the wide array of mediums used, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, silkscreen and live performance. The show aims to reveal the separateness of light fromheavy, while at the same time exposing their mutual relation: one loses meaning without the other.

Not to be missed are two very special performances at 8pm from
Barbara Venetikidou (clarinet) and Dionysia Niovi Klaudianou (soprano)
with Jean Christophe Charon (piano).

Barbara Venetikidou (clarinet):
Rhapsody for clarinet solo – Willson Osborne
Four pieces for clarinet solo – Gordon Jacob

Dionysia-Niovi Klaudianou (soprano) with Jean Christophe Charon (piano):
Isolde’s Liebestod from the opera Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner

Reuterstr. 31
12047 Berlin

20. – 29. 11. 2015 | Fr. 18  22 Uhr, Sa. + So. 14  19 Uhr | | | | http://sifislykakis. | | Róbert Batykó |

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