Hannah James Solo Show @ Chert


Hannah James Solo Show

„Can’t you see how big those snails are?“

Eröffnungen: Samstag 21. November 2015, 19 – 22 Uhr

Can’t you see how big those snails are? is an installation of film and language alongside architectural and sculptural works. This exhibition brings together a disparate group of works which all perform, question and complicate the relationships existing within the problematic binaries of: human / nature, organic / technological, male / female, mind / body, self / other, whole / part, right / wrong.

Taking reference from Donna Haraway’s writing on identity and, in particular her figure of the cyborg as a potential post-gender and post-binary future, the works attempt to embrace Haraway’s call for a plural, contradictory and ironic form of identity.

Skalitzerstr. 68
10997 Berlin


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