THE EXVITED CURATOR @ Kreuzberg Pavillon

The ExvitedCurator


Mario Margani

Samstag 21. November 2015, 20 Uhr

exvited by Lukas Glinkowski | Minor Alexander | Peter Müller | Alexander Skorobogatov

Dear Lukas, Alex, Peter, Minor,

I wonder what do you guys exactly mean with the term
“exvited”. Fair enough if you changed your idea and after
inviting me to curate your exhibition at Kreuzberg Pavillion,
you eventually decided to make it on your own. I have no
problem with that and I do know that I wasn’t looking that
much focused on that. I’m sure it is going to work in a nicer
way since you kind of know each other better than I do.

Do you need or want to underline my absence? Am I
supposed to participate in another position?

I can understand your reaction when I told you that I was not
going to choose works for the exhibition, but with that I did not
mean that I was going to “exvite” you and invite someone else.
I didn’t want to appropriate your exhibition in order to make my
own thing.

Should I understand exvite like »ausladen« in German?
Ihr wollt mich von der Ausstellung als Kurator ausladen, richtig?
Do you want to exhibit my absence? Or my presence outside
the space? Hope we can solve this misunderstanding.

All the best

Kreuzberg Pavillon
Naunynstrasse 53
10999 Berlin

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