Alvaro Urbano @ PORCINO / Chert


Alvaro Urbano’s show „Deep Down“

Sonntag 22. November 2015, 19 Uhr


„Deep Down“ is a new installation featuring The Ghost & The Host (2014), a video the artist made while in residency at the Villa Romana in Florence. The video is an archaeological dig into the residency’s century old past. Fragments of lost histories found discarded in the Villa’s garden by former residents have been unearthed. This residue of past inhabitants have become the setting that is inhabited by a cast of nocturnal creatures going about their day (their day being the night) – bugs, fishes, worms, lichens. A garden comes to life (a night garden). In night gardens fragrances become the light. Rocks glow from the moon glowing from the sun. Everything is indirect. Houses wake. Sculptures move like ghosts. Vision is uncertain. You don’t know if you have begun dreaming already. Presence is felt by absence. This new installation is made from materials found in parks around Berlin and leaves taken from the greenhouses in Berlin’s Botanischer Garten.

PORCINO is an exhibition space in Berlin located inside a hole in Chert Galerie. It was founded by David Horvitz in 2013.

PORCINO c/o Chert
Skalitzerstr. 68
10997 Berlin

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