EC Davies @ rosalux

Claire Davies at Vane 26 Oct 2015
‘You’re picture perfect blue’ event at Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; 26/10/15, photo: Colin Davison

EC Davies

Sharing Passions: ‘I’m sticking with you’ (Lou Reed, Velvet Underground)

Event: Sonntag 29. November 2015, 16 – 18 Uhr

EC Davies invites people to attend an event hosted by rosalux, that builds on her Arts Council funded research project ‘Sharing Passions’ where she has collected 360 individual lines of lyrics from singers in choirs from the UK and Germany. During the event guests from Berlin Pop Choir and Ensemble will be able to create their own absurd collage-poems from cut-up lines of selected song lyrics. They will also have the opportunity
to speak their own interpretation of former collected lyrics by reading from Davies’ silent karaoke animation. The recording session takes around 2 minutes per person and the voices are being collected for future audio works.

Wriezener Straße 12
13359 Berlin-Wedding

Tram M13, 50 Grüntaler Straße | S Bornholmer Straße | U 8 Pank- /Osloer Straße |  [view on map] |


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