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Romana Schmalisch

Mobile Cinema – Two steps back (Installation)

Samstag 19. Dezember 2015, 19 Uhr

For the second time at Archive Kabinett, Romana Schmalisch’s
Mobile Cinema returns in the frame of the exhibition Mobile Cinema – Two steps back. This presentation apparatus – somewhere between urban model, cinema, and plate camera – derives its form from Alexander Medvedkin’s film The New Moscow (1938), in which an engineer uses it to present his designs and visions for Moscow on his journey into the Soviet capital. The real space is replaced by a city of models representing a new reality by cinematographic means.

For Archive Kabinett, the artist has compiled a programme of excerpts from her films created on and for her travels with the Mobile Cinema across central and eastern Europe, which examine the planned and real changes of urban spaces and utopian experiments by means of films and models, marking the distance between historicity and actuality.

The exhibition also includes the film Preliminaries (with Robert Schlicht, 2011), which revolves around Vera Mukhina’s statue Worker and Kolkhoz Woman – designed for the Paris World Exposition 1937, which later became the logo of the Mosfilm company. Examining Stalinist film and real politics, the film reconstructs the notion of a predetermined future in the light of which the present appears only as preliminary, as symbolically already overcome. This ‚bright future‘ was the intention of Socialist realism in cinema – but it could also serve as a legitimisation for the Moscow show trials, which themselves staged a prefigured future. Preliminaries examines the historicity of cinema and the uncomfortable proximities between cinematographic production and the production of ideologies.

The same evening, Archive will host a screening organized by the Warsaw based Arton Foundation. The films selected are part of Repository, a digital archive, which presents archival materials of famous Polish artists active in the 60’s and 70’s. The digital archive includes photographic scans, negatives, documents (type-scripts, catalogues, projects, drafts) and films that are transferred from 16 mm / 8 mm film to video format. The digitized data are a unique source of knowledge for researchers and art historians in Poland and abroad. For the screening at Archive the foundation will present works by Wojciech Bruszewski and Paweł Kwiek.

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