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Martin Wrede and the Staged Photography

Dienstag 29. Dezember 2015, 19 – 22 Uhr

Featured guest for the next „Artist talk and soup“ series is the media artist Martin Wrede currently working on his staged photography concepts. Welcome! (all texts by top e.V.)

„Staged Photography“ in fine-art is a term which refers to postmodern photography in the 1980’s. „Theatrical Role-Playing“, „Fictional Narratives“ and Installations are approaches to this kind of photography. The work in progress photo series „Private Activities“ and „Rooms“ have a mixture of documentary and staged elements. Work-examples of other artists will be shown as well.

Martin Wrede is a photographer and media-artist. He works with documentary-videos and documentary-photography. Currently working on „Staged Photography“ which is a natural continuation of his earlier works including games and their settings.

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