Jaimini Patel @ Centrum


Jaimini Patel – ‚Measure‘

Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016, 18 Uhr

Jaimini Patel’s experimental approach to the vitality and agency of objects and materials serves to investigate and re-evaluate our relationship with the material world. For her new installation ‚Measure‘, Patel uses the outline of one of the distinctive red tiles from the gallery floor as a device to explore particular meditative sets of actions in the studio. The evidence of these repetitive performances is made available in the exhibition. Whilst certain actions are explicit and visible, others are more reticent. In ‚Measure‘ the artist creates poetic material encounters that suggest the possibility of a misalignment between evidence and experience: a disjuncture between the record and the private performance and observation of the action.

Reuterstraße 7
12053 Berlin – Neukölln

21. 01. – 14. 02. 2016



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