Eeva Hannula | Dae Hong Kim | Yasutaka Kojima | Juuso Noronkoski | Kijin Park | Hanae Utamura @@ Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Schauraum Kottbusser Str. 10


Erste Ausstellung im neuen Jahr mit den Residents:

Eeva Hannula | Dae Hong Kim | Yasutaka Kojima | Juuso Noronkoski | Kijin Park | Hanae Utamura

Eröffnung: 21. Januar 2016, 19 Uhr

Eeva Hannula | The Choreography of Uncertainty
In her experimental photography pieces, Eeva Hannula attempts to destabilise the essence of things and change their everyday meaning. Her current work focuses on the idea of photography as writing, where the image is seen as words that can be bent, mixed and combined.

Dae Hong Kim | Zoo / Lab
Dae Hong Kim’s work crosses a wide variety of media with a sense of the surreal and a rather black sense of humour. For Zoo / Lab he has created a ‚White Cube in the White Cube‘ which at its center contains a view into somewhat grotesque choreography, inspired by both science-fiction film scripts and Japanese Butoh dance.

Yasutaka Kojima | Tokyo / Berlin
In his photographs, Yasutaka Kojima is concerned with the urban networks in big cities, espeically their dimensions, which have expanded far beyond what was intended and can no longer be controlled by humanity. In the artist’s eyes, the city conveys a feeling of transience and loneliness.

Juuso Noronkoski | This Place is Nowhere
Noronkoski takes as a starting point the first time he saw the Southern Cross in Zanzibar, a constellation that guided seafarers like Vasco da Gama 600 years before. ‚This Place is Nowhere‘ shows recent works that pose the question of human empathy: how can we see something the same way that another person sees it – in a different place, in a different society, at a different time?

Kijin Park | Path
Kijin Park creates installations characterized by a narrative quality. ‚Path‘ takes viewers on a journey that links Park’s personal story and the division between South and North Korea, as well as the story of the German division.

Hanae Utamura | Holiday at War
In Utamura’s work a black box the size of Albert Speer’s prison cell in Berlin-Spandau traces the concept of collective leisure under Hitler’s propogandist visions as a strictly organized, controlling mechanism. In contrast to romantic notions of sea and relaxation, Utamura relates aspects of recreation to the machinery of work and war, critically questioning today’s strive for efficiency via an historical perspective.

Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Schauraum Kottbusser Str. 10
10999 Berlin

22. 01. – 14. 02. 2016 | Di. – So. 14 – 19 Uhr

U8 Kottbusser Tor, Schönleinstraße

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