MAJA SMREKAR: ‚K-9_topology: HYBRID FAMILY‘ @ Freies Museum Berlin



‚K-9_topology: HYBRID FAMILY‘
‚K-9_topologija: HIBRIDNA DRUŽINA‘

29. Januar – 2. Februar 2016, 11, 14, 17 Uhr by prior appointment! [ ]

The event is conceived as a visit at the studio in which the artist had created a nest for herself and her hybrid family. Visits at set times are possible with prior appointment at The performance will be in English.

The ‚HYBRID FAMILY‘ project is the second one in a trilogy under the common title ‚K-9_topology‘, where the artist investigates the co-evolution, co-habitation and possible scenarios of the cross-species hybridization of humans and dogs.

In her three-month seclusion from the bustle of everyday life in the upper floors of the Freies Museum Berlin, Maja Smrekar bent her emotions, thoughts and body until she was able to use her own breast milk to feed a new family member. The newcomer is a female Icelandic Spitz that answers to the name of Ada. Together with Byron, an adult Scottish Border Collie, Smrekar and Ada formed a hybrid family as a context for the study of the emotional economy between vastly different species such as human and dog. In the project, Smrekar reflects on her motherly changes and tries to escape the symbolic confines of human families. In her seclusion, Smrekar dis-humanized herself in such a way that her hybrid family allows us to see the zoe-bios opposition through the eyes of a pre-humanist (Aristotelian) human animal, without humanizing the animal or animalizing the human (Agamben).

The artistic process is being documented in a blog in the form of correspondence with the co-curator Jens Hauser, and it follows the psychological and physical transformations that transformed the artists’ body into a bio-political product par excellence. You can read the intriguing dialogues between Maja Smrekar and co-curator Jens Hauser at:[ ]

Co-curated by: Jens Hauser and Jurij Krpan
Artistic collaboration: Manuel Vason

Co-produced by: Kapelica Gallery, Praksa (Ljubljana), Freies Museum Berlin
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture

The project is part of the transmediale and CTM Vorspiel 2016 program.

Freies Museum
Bühlowstr. 90
10783 Berlin

29. 01. – 02. 02. 2015 | 11, 14, 17 Uhr |

U2 Bülowstraße

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