Caitlin Levin & Henry Hargreaves @KWADRAT

POWER HUNGRY by Caitlin Levin & Henry Hargreaves.
In cooperation with AIR CIRCULATION, New York.

Eröffnung: Samstag 6. Februar, 19-22 Uhr


Henry and Caitlin began working together in 2004. Their mutual interest in food and photography has led to many out of the box collaborations turning food into Art and documenting it through the lens. The narrative, and ability to tell a story with food through their images is what drives them. From deep frying electronic gadgets, through recreating Rothko’s in rice to Art Galleries from gingerbread; they enjoy turning the mundane into the offbeat and memorable.

Series statement

Power Hungry is a depiction of how authoritarian regimes throughout history have used food as a weapon to systematically oppress, silence and kill people by controlling the people’s access to food.
Our goal is to have people literally and figuratively sit down and look across a table and see the glaring disparities between those in positions of power and those who struggle to survive. While in most places and historically speaking starvation has been the tool used to oppress, in just a few short decades the world has changed tremendously. Swaths of the world’s population once routinely afflicted by sweeping hunger, have more regular access to food than before. Poor and oppressed populations now also face a very real threat from obesity, and the food they eat is literally killing them.
Power hungry was meant to start a conversation, or many about, food, history, politics and power. Why are people around the world still suffering the same horrible fate as so many that have come before them? And why in an era where there is more than enough to go around do some people still go hungry?

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