Finissage: Kveta Kazmukova @ Montagehalle


Kveta Kazmukova

Finissage: Freitag 12. Februar 2016, 19 Uhr

Friday will be the last chance to see the Exhibition II complete. Afterwards, you have the possibility to experience falling polystyrene; while it displays, as I find, its most enviable properties. (E.g.: folding in critical stress only reluctantly, almost imperceptibly loosing balance, landing softly despite the slight metallic tune in it, etc…)

You are also invited to participate & take this material away for further use (it would be very helpful, if you did – there are loads of it!).

A large thanks to the Montagehalle crew: Sabrina, Sandra Schieke and Scherry!

Malplaquetstraße 25
13347 Berlin-Wedding

12. – 14. 2016 15 – 22 Uhr | [Stadtplanlink]

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Donnerstag 11. Februar.

Lebensraum123Vernissage LEBENSRAUM #2 GRÜN @ tête, 19 Uhr [Info… ]





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