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Privilegierte Partnerschaft

Antje Vowinckel – words, beeps, performance
Korhan Erel – words, beeps, performance

Donnerstag 18. Februar 2016, doors: 19:30 / start time: 20:00

“Privilegierte Partnerschaft“ is a Turkish-German duo with Antje Vowinckel und Korhan Erel. Their performance „words and beeps“ is a mutual language course which consists of words and electronic sounds played using MIDI controllers. The sonic material is pre-determined and programmed, yet the interaction and performance is improvised. The performance can as much musical as it can also be completely narrative, where the material leads to imagination of stories and images.

Followed by solo performance by Korhan Erel and Stadt Logik by Antje Vowinckel

Antje Vowinckel is an internationally awarded Berlin-based sound artist and radio artist. She has been commissioned to do radio plays, radio documentaries and sound composition for a variety of public radio stations such as (WDR, DRadio, SWR, BR) as well as performances for foreign venues and festivals. Her piece Call me yesterday has been presented in 16 countries.

Her focus is on the musicality of the spoken word; for example in her project on automatic speaking or compositions with dialect melodies. A number of her works employ fragments of documentary speech, or language improvisation that are then transposed into a musical structure.

Korhan Erel is an improviser and sound designer based in Berlin. He treats the computer as an instrument that can co-exist with conventional instruments in free improvisation. He makes frequent use of field recordings or found sounds in his instrument designs. He covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces, the latter mainly performed at art events and museums in Europe. He performs solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians and dancers. Korhan also does sound design and music for theater, video and dance. His collaboration ‚The Threshold‘ with Sydney-based video artist Fabian Astore has won the Blake Prize in Australia in 2012. Korhan has done three residencies at STEIM in Amsterdam on sensors and instrument design. He was a guest composer at the Electronic Music Studios in Stockholm in 2011. He has seven CD releases in Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Greece as well as several digital releases. He has played in festivals, venues, museums and art spaces in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the USA.

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