Axel Dörner & Flamingo @ SPEKTRUM art_technology_community


Axel Dörner & Flamingo

Montag 15. Februar 2016, doors: 19:30 / start time: 20:00

1st set: Axel Dörner
Axel Dörner has for the past 20 years developed a large vocabulary of techniques and sounds, combined into a highly personal language.

2nd Set: Flamingo (Chris Heenan, Adam Pultz Melbye & Christian Windfeld)
Flamingo explores sound, texture and dynamics. Sometimes verging on the threshold of hearing and at other times engaging in dense layers and waves of sound, Flamingo creates a poetic space in which pure sound phenomena step forth on the eternal backdrop of silence. Flamingo has performed at festivals and venues throughout Denmark and Germany and will release its debut vinyl on Barefoot Records in early 2016, followed by tours in Europe and the US. [More information here… ]

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