Artist Talk : Heiko Pfreundt @ DECAD



Artist Talk with Heiko Pfreundt

Samstag 27. Februar 2016, 17 Uhr

If a project does not necessarily mean an exhibition, and a space does not necessarily imply a room, what is the project space all about? The geographical distribution of project spaces in Berlin appears as a result of a long-lost appreciation of the city’s hidden cultural value. Hardly any of Berlin’s independent art spaces are situated in the centre of the city. And as it turns out, they don’t need to be. Far from perceiving their position in the margins as a disadvantage, Heiko Pfreundt argues that the periphery offers an extraordinary sensual and intellectual freedom. If it all comes down to how the project spaces separate themselves from museums and galleries as the ‚third space‘, we might begin with the principles of solidarity, independence and flat hierarchies in this sector that contrasts with the social promises elsewhere in the art world. If this will be decisive in the negotiation of the future of the arts, we might have to speak about it as a spatial turn.

Heiko Pfreundt is the founder of Kreuzberg Pavillon and this year’s co-curator of the Project Space Festival Berlin.

Gneisenaustrasse 52 (im Hinterhof)
10961 Berlin – Kreuzberg

U7 Südstern


Samstag 27. Februar 2016, 20 Uhr

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