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Cupis & Live Fieldwork

Mittwoch 2. März 2016, doors: 19:30, start time: 20:00

CUPIS (Gianni Gebbia and Giovanni Verga) – Avoiding the Sun
With the multimedia work „Avoiding The Sun“, CUPIS explores the boundaries between organic sounds and repetitive structures represented by the visuals that build up undiscovered and mysterious ways to reveal the obscure sides of what nature hides. A dimension where the sound sources are blended and merged with the images in a Fata Morgana or cosmic mirage.

Live Fieldwork (Tomomi Adachi, Emilio Gordoa and Ritwik Banerji)
Maxine and Bob are artificial improvisers. They are interactive systems which behave like improvisers as much as possible, listening and responding to human musicians as another semi-autonomous (machine) improviser. The question for this evening, as always, is: do they sound like human beings? And really, what would that even mean, since free improvisers seem to value sounding like no one else? In this event, Emilio Gordoa and Tomomi Adachi are invited to participate in “Live Fieldwork”. Each performer is invited to perform a duet with Maxine and Bob. After the piece, each gives their commentary on how these artificial performers behave, and how, or whether, they fail to be human (and whether this is really such a major offense.) The audience is also given a chance to comment on how these systems behave.
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