L’intru (Invaders) @ Errant Bodies


L’intru (Invaders)

Dienstag 15. März 2016, 19 Uhr (with performance ‚Map Series‘, by Ana Mendes)

‘L’intru (Invaders)’ is a multidisciplinary exhibition and performance program that deals with issues of post-colonialism, memory, identity and narration.

Mario Asef | Franziska Becher | Filippo Berta | Zwoisy Clarke | Plants and Empire | Sonja Hornung | Dae Hong Kim | Israel Martinez | Ana Mendes | Jasmin Schaitl | Hanae Utamura | Hsinyen Wei – Curated by Ana Mendes

The idea of invasion can be spoken about in abstract and concrete terms: the literal denial of entry into a country and the perception of individuals as outsiders combined with the psychological rupture that occurs when one is denied the opportunity to build an identity, nationality and memories. For those who do not have a past, the only possible future lies in-between the fantasy of alienation or the nostalgia of their origins.

Gathering together artists originally from Portugal, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Jamaica and Australia, who work in performance, object, photography, video and installation, ‘Lintru (Invaders)’ aims to question these potent issues: postcolonialism, personal and collective memory, narration and identity. It not only asks who the invaders are, it also speaks of the personal narratives that these forces provoke within the individual.

performance program
19th March, 17h00 (doors open 16h00)
performances by Ana Mendes, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Jasmin Schaitl and Plants and Empire.
@ Lage Egal
Danziger Strasse 145
10407 Berlin
[http://www.lage-egal.de/ ]

performance public space
@ Mauer Park, 20th March, 12h00.
‚In Memoriam‘, by Israel Martinez – a sound piece dealing with loss and memory, in which the artist recorded written messages found in Jardines del Humaya, an extravagant cemetery in Culiacán, Mexico. Bring your mp3-player, iphone or ipod and headphones and join us for a performance that overlaps the memory of Berlin with the original site in Mexico.
Meeting point: Mauer Park, wall area with big swings

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

16. – 20. 03. 2016 | 15 – 19 Uhr



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