A.melodie & Gil Delindro @ SPEKTRUM art_technology_community


Duo a.melodie / Gil Delindro

Gil Delindro: organic surfaces – a.melodie: plants

Sonification of organic surfaces and physiological processes in nature

Donnerstag 7. April 2016, doors: 19:30 / start time: 20:00

Video by Gil Delindro: The Grain Within This Cloud Of Dust: A journey into the perishing of death

Gil Delindro works mostly with raw elements and analog self built processes, creating a very physical, direct and strong sound work that embraces both a concrete and unique imaginary land.

a.melodie composes with frequencies she gets out of plants through the use of self-built synthesizers.

Their sound evolves from minimalism to noise drone. Through the use of technology, they put sounds where they cannot put words, in their interaction with elements. More [here… ]

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