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Deep Time : Christian Sawalski

Freitag 15. April, 20 Uhr – Sonntag 16. April, 23 Uhr

…” One can use Art as a vessel of remembrance ”…

Deep Time, the concept of Geologic Time, a system of chronological measurement that relates stratigraphy (layering of rock layers in the earth) to time.

Our own timelines: marked with world war events and volcanic eruptions: it is these explosions of destruction that MARK the passing of our time.

The abstract works shown and chosen for Christian Sawalski’s exhibition DEEP TIME, express a strata of peace and conflict.

Iron, Salt, Scratching through remnants of charcoal, bitumen and paint, Christian sets the restraints (canvas/other) allowing the materials to decide how to react… his work is in a constant state of chance, flux, decay… an Alchemical, seemingly *magical* process of transformation, creation, combination.

A site-specific Diptych will be under CONSTRUCTION / DECAY; rusting, crusting and changing as salt and iron mix…

Christian Sawalski’s painting and video works have been exhibited throughout different countries in Europe including Germany, Spain, Norway, France and the UK. He also has works in private collections in Australia and across Europe.

Christian’s work has been invited into the Aether due to his connection with Darkness, Alchemy, decay and the minerals in constant states of change and motion in his works.

Pannierstrasse 56
12047 Berlin |
Interactive Source on DEEP TIME:


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