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Delict in Absence: Mladen Miljanović

Eröffnung: Freitag 15. April 2016, 19 Uhr

Delict in Absence is a project and concept of investigational works examining social, cultural, political and living conditions-potentials in one mid Bosnian village (Osjecani). This investigation is embodied in series of photography’s, videos, drawings and simulations. Title of the project refers to importance of that what is absent, more than what is visible and in presence. The project consists of works such as “I couldn’t miss” which is a video recorded with the most talented basketball player from the 80s (now war veteran). For this video the basketball player comes back to the court one more time to test his talent after 30 years break. Another work “Big picture of detail” consists of a series of photographs showing a formal details of specific places. However when we discover the context of the photos, their meaning changes. In another work “Strategy and simulation” the artist collected people’s stories and situations from a Bosnian village and applied and formalized them through simulated ambitious military plan. Main goal in this process of social archeological approach is not only to depict and represent actual situation, but also to offer an utopist idea of future transformation and self-progress.Artist’s bio: [here…  ] (scroll down)

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