Tania Chen @ 7hours


Tania Chen – „Future Plastics“, 2015-16

Series of video pieces

Mittwoch 20. April 2016,  20:30 Uhr

Future Plastics, 2015-16 is a series of video pieces which are independent sound compositions, they can also be performed with. Tonight’s solo performance incorporates video, electronics and sounds. Future Plastics was first performed with David Toop at All Tomorrow’s Parties in Wales earlier this month.

Tania Chen Biography:
Tania Chen is a leading interpreter of John Cage, Cornelius Cardew and Morton Feldman, and a performance and video artist, experimental musician and free improviser. She performs, composes and improvises on piano, keyboards, digital, vintage electronics and found objects. Her music has taken her across the globe from Berlin, London and Tokyo, to San Francisco, LA, New York and beyond.
Tania’s live and recording collaborations include John Cage’s „Music of Changes“ for solo piano, John Cage’s „Indeterminacy“ with Stewart Lee & Steve Beresford; Cornelius Cardew & Michael Parsons‘ Piano Music, the group Bad Jazz „Bad Dreams in the Night“ & cassette „Tincture“; „Ointment“ with Steve Beresford; and two forthcoming recordings with Gino Robair and Tom Djll in the group Tender Buttons and „Ocean of Storms“ with Henry Kaiser, William Winant and Wadada Leo Smith.

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7hours @ Haus 19
im Park Campus Nord
Humbold Universität

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