Artist Talk: Jungwoo Lee @ Centrum



Artist Talk with Jungwoo Lee

Sonntag 8. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr

„Do you know someone from that far-far away land called North Korea? That place where communist dictatorship rules and everyone is dressed the same? Where you are not allowed to wear jeans and it’s forbidden to watch western media?“

In his 5-channel video installation My name is Red Jungwoo Lee questions the public image of North Korea as a chimera shrouded in myth, heavily influenced by pop culture and the media. The secretiveness of the state has made it an easy target for the so-called West to project various stereotypes about Asian people and about dictatorship onto the country. In his work Lee examines how one constructs „the other“ as a more-fictional-than-factual counterpart to ones own culture.

In an interview setting 20 young people talk in monologues about their relationship with the communist country. Their stories overlap, fray, and get fragmented by the editing. In their diversity and peculiarity it becomes obvious that these are tales rather than experiential reports, that the interviewees impersonate fictional characters. As the narratives mainly focus on stereotypes, prejudices, concepts of „otherness“, and the feeling of being alienated, they reveal more about the speakers themselves and their personal experiences as foreigners in Germany, than any objective truths or serious observations about North Korea.


Reuterstraße 7
12053 Berlin – Neukölln

20. 02. – 20. 03. 2016

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