Introduction : Project Space Festival Berlin 2016

Image: Lage Egal (Day 22 / Project Space Festival 2015); photo by Markus Georg.

Introduction : Project Space Festival Berlin 2016

Sonntag 8. Mai 2016, 16 Uhr

The Project Space Festival Berlin takes creatives and visitors on a month-long trip through Berlin’s independent art scene to discover some of its many and varied project spaces. Rather than institutional or commercial white cube spaces, project spaces are usually independent, highly experimental, and work creatively with limited funds. They spark dialogue, nurture local communities, serve as seismographs of cultural trends, and operate under conditions of simultaneous freedom and fragility. More than often, they are a labor of love for those who run them.

The Festival aims to present a diverse program of interesting and inspiring spaces, providing a momentary slice of the city’s independent scene. During the Festival, each participating space will host and organise one admission-free event, with one occurring on each day of August.

This year´s artistic directors Marie-Jo Ourtilane (General Public) and Heiko Pfreundt (Kreuzberg Pavillon) will introduce the new open call and discuss the possibilities and visions for the coming festival in August 2016.

Gneisenaustrasse 52 (im Hinterhof)
10961 Berlin – Kreuzberg

U7 Südstern


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