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BLOCK ONE brings together 30 minutes of separate video works that are condensed into one unit of time, simulating a channel-surfing experience that the audience is not necessarily in control of, unfolding through the following segments:

„Desde el Jardín“ is an episodic “micro” telenovela written and directed by Sol Calero and Dafna Maimon. The series is shot on location in Calero’s eponymous installation at David Dale Gallery in Glasgow and stars Caique Tizzi in a gender-bending double role within a “rags to riches– and back” experimental narrative, among a cast of local Glaswegian Latinos. „Desde el Jardín“ is made by CONGLOMERATE, combining set design, props, music and cinematography from all of its respective members.

Telethon is a perpetually running program which acts as the mortar to the bricks of the first six Blocks.
Serving as the subconscious of CONGLOMERATE, it’s devoid of geographic location, currency, or seemingly any connection to linear time or reason. An unnamed Host implores viewers (or ‘folks’) to pledge, donate and call into a shape-shifting call-bank of volunteers, as subplots unfold, only to disappear again.
Telethon also features “Talents” which range widely in both their impressiveness and earnestness.
Guest Talents in Block One include a balancing act by Paul Arámbula and a poem by writer Inger Wold Lund.

The New Domestic Woodshop functions as a how-to show hosted by Ethan Hayes-Chute. Drawing from classic broadcast home improvement-style shows as well as recent trends in online DIY tutorial culture, the reluctant host-slash-woodworker opens his woodshop and showcases his working methods along with the self-made tools he uses to bring his domestic fantasies to life.

Behind the Beast verbalizes the inner minds of some of Berlin’s animal inhabitants. Featuring ducks, dogs, horses and swans, among others, these non-human protagonists are given a voice by a selection of writers, who ponder out loud their daily thoughts through a symbiosis with this other animal perspective.
For Episode One, Hanne Lippard, Andrew Kerton, Marcus Knupp and Cecilia Valenti were invited to postulate and lament. Behind the Beast is created by Dafna Maimon.

Jeremy Shaw
Introduction to The Memory Personality is a single channel video installation from 2012 in which a soothing voice gives hypnotic instructions about how to let the subconscious mind take over the work of memory. The video pulls the viewer into a zone where there are no clear boundaries between reason and unreason, belief and instinct. For CONGLOMERATE’s Block One Shaw releases previously unseen segments from the piece. [ ]

Keren Cytter
TULOB is a series of scenes from the making of her most recent video “OBJECT” with their original audio intact, in which the director can be heard directing the actors. The TULOB segments, which are filmed in her own apartment invite the viewer not only into her private space but also into her working process. Over a selection of one-shots, the video investigates constantly changing social relationships and intrigues through a poetic game of power relations. [ ]

Initially founded by Constant Dullaart to produce a dead-simple (“dull”) media player, that itself is an artwork, for playing videos at galleries and museums, the company has expanded into a lifestyle alongside becoming a producer of consumer electronics. DullTech presents several short commercial spots and perky, white-board style animations that explain the philosophy and awkward birth of the artist-run company. [ ]

For 20 years, Christine Hill’s Volksboutique has been examining concepts of “value” in our culture and re-investing discarded objects, often overlooked as being too quotidian or too common, with new meaning and use. Volksboutique defines select arenas where art should be lived. Acting as a sort of hobby archivist and librarian, Hill is invested in keeping inventories of certain daily life phenomena. [ ]

Repossession Services
As a global small-claims company that has an impressively broad reach in various realms of personal and private debts, including stabilizing the sometimes tumultuous financial relationships that often develop between art professionals and paying bodies, Repossession Services presents a new commercial touting their updated algorithms used for debt collection. [ ]

CONGLOMERATE is headquartered at the Berlin project space Kinderhook & Caracas |


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