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Eröffnung: Freitag 6. Mai 2016, 19-23 Uhr   Freitag 13. Mai 2016, 19-23 Uhr

Dear friends, because of a bad astral conjunction the opening has to be postponed of one week. Squeeze will open on Friday next week, May 13., 7-11pm, at stay hungry, Leinestr. 21.
On Sunday, May 15th, 4 pm, as guest the reading club Read What You Want!
 Mathilde Fenoll | János Fodor | Mario Margani | Johannes Rodenacker


– Who are these people behind you?
– Don’t try to skip my questions. Just lie down, open your eyes and tell me what you see. Tell me your name.

– Do you want money from me? Is this a treatment?
– I want to know who you really are. These people behind me are accidentally here, but now they’re getting involved too. Please tell us more.

– I don’t want you to know who I am. I don’t even know why I am here.
– You came in ten minutes ago and told me that you need to understand how to decide.

– Decide what?
– I don’t know! After saying that, you just went to the toilet. We heard a bang, rushed into and you were lying on the floor. Black out. And we brought you back here on the carpet, lifted up your legs. And just now you awake.

– But there is no toilet here. I don’t see other rooms neither doors apart from the street door.
– Come on. Have a sip of juice. You are still confused.

– Is it an orange juice?
– Yes.

– Fresh squeezed?
– No. It’s not the right season for that. This is Gut und Günstig.

– Well, may I just have some water?
– Tap water. Fine?

– No, please, I actually need fresh air. It’s enough.
– And why did you come in?

– Stop this shit! Don’t bother me any more with these stupid questions, or I leave.
– Whatever, just leave, you freak!

– May I go to the toilet?
– We have no toilet here.

– What the heck. You lier! You’ve been telling me I was in the toilet lying on the floor.
– Ok, don’t move. I call a doctor. And please just have two sips of water. You look scary.

– Right. I do feel some pains on my shoulders now. Call a doctor yes. What is this room?
– It’s a space for art exhibitions.

– I see. And these little pictures here, are they artworks?
– Not really, but are part of the exhibition.

– And what is the exhibition about?
– Wait, let me find a doctor or some help outside first. Don’t move.

– And who are you all here?
– I’m visiting the exhibition.
– I was walking down the street. I live upstairs and came in once I saw you unconscious lying here.
– And I’m one of the exhibiting artists.

– I suppose this is your carpet. I’m sorry. I suppose I’m spoiling your opening.
– Don’t worry. It’s fine. Just drink some water.

– Ow, my shoulders. Can I remain here a bit longer.
– Sure, feel at home.

stay hungry
Leinestr. 21
12049 Berlin

07. – 15.05 2016, by appointment under: stayhungry@yahoo.de
14. + 15.05. 2016, 15 – 19 Uhr



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