The Berta ART Raffle: VOL. 5 @ HilbertRaum


The Berta ART Raffle: VOL. 5

Barbara Cousin | BLO | Clockworkbox | Dani Dan | Emanuele Crotti | Jutta Scheiner | Katie Armstrong | Arnejo Corata

Eröffnung: Freitag 13. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr

About the project:

Our goal is to bring together artworks of known and emerging artists to the established art
community while also including any aspiring young art collector.
The raffle takes place through a group exhibition, that will allow the artists to not only display their works, but also to receive a monetary compensation. Each ticket holder becomes a patron, while the artists are provided a platform and the funding to begin or further their careers. The project comes with an in-born twist: each ticket guarantees the owner an original artwork, determined at random by a lottery system and the artist get a real chance at being discovered by a new audience. So the raffle becomes the „courtyard“ where this artistic and human exchange happens. Nobody loses, everyone wins.
THIS IS A NON PROFIT PROJECT. Therefore, all tickets will be acquired by a donation basis.
By getting a ticket, you are directly sponsoring the participating artists. The organization of
The Berta ART Raffle does not receive any monetary compensation.

Curated by Juan Arata, Eli Cornejo and Camille Cousin


Reuterstr. 31
12047 Berlin

Friday: 13.05.2016, 6 – 10 pm
Saturday: 14.05.2016, 7 – 10 pm
Sunday: 15.05.2016, 2 – 7 pm
Friday: 20.05.2016, 6 – 10 pm
Saturday: 21.05.2016, 2 – 7 pm with guided tour see [here… ]
Sunday: 22.05.2016, 5 – 10 pm

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