Frank Hülsbömer @ Larry

„ the viscosity of light“ or „intuitive logic“, MDF, varnish, fabric, fishing line, spot, stand.

Frank Hülsbömer

Mittwoch 13. Juli 2016, 21 – 2 Uhr

„the work shows a spot of light which seems to be liquid. the title and appearance of the piece has a bit of an experimental set-up. but since light obviously is not a liquid and has therefore no viscosity, its a nonsense thesis. leading absolutely nowhere. it possibly makes you dream, light could just drip down a table or be stored in a jar.
no-one will make the effort to disprove this thesis cause we are in the safe house of the arts.“
„it got a notion of meaning and then…nothing. nihilism is so out of fashion its got to be fashionable soon again!“
„this work became another chapter of franks body of work published as „the fiction of science“ by gestalten in 2009.“

Chausseestr. 131
10115 Berlin |

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