Approaches to What? Reading Bodies Reading Archives @ DISTRICT Berlin


Kate Chen | Femke Fredrix | So Hee Kim | Jana Pacheco | Sophia Schultz

Donnerstag 21. Juli 2016, 19 – 21 Uhr

How can an archive activate a performance?
How can personhood be curated?
How can the archive be intervened towards reflecting nuances of identity fluidity?
What are the points of linkage between objects in an uncurated archive?
Could the action of consulting an archive be regarded as a performatic experience?
Who curates an archive?
What role does the “orange elastic band” fulfill in district’s archive? Can we elevate this object as a matter of utmost importance for this archive?
If our bodies together can shape an archive, can the archive be a body itself?
How can the archive be alive? How can archive breathe?
How can agency exist within a gallery space?
Can you make paper works and save your life?
How can the curated space productively take advantage of the experience of distraction?

dissident desire is an ongoing art and research project by Suza Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval on the body as an archive of political and material fluxes and the resilient performativity of precarious bodies in the everyday. Developed through performance, exhibition, archive and publication formats at District Berlin since 2013, dissident desire assembles a toolbox for political imagination.
This event is part of ‚The Institute for Endotic Research: Reading Bodies‘. Module #3 of AFFECT Program of Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin.
A series of interventions in 3 different archives rehearsing with the possibilities of the library as a ‘place for encounters’: encounter of new reading materials; as a content display through its spatial design and the library as a social space, where the readers place the body to read and to share what they gather.

dissident desire archive
Malzfabrik, Bessemerstraße 2-14
12103 Berlin |


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