Kindernacht or The Night of the Children @ ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen


Kindernacht or The Night of the Children

for ohrenhoch (2016, Premiere) by Gisela Frick Hassenberg

Sonntag 31. Juli und 7. August 2016, 14 – 21 Uhr

Gisela Frick Hassenberg on ‚Kindernacht‘:

Kindernacht, or The Night of the Children is a 12’ composition inspired by the resilience of children who have faced and survived abuse from dictatorial states and warfare.

Kindernacht is arranged in three parts.

The first part is a processed bass-drone entitled The Invention of the Electric Barbed Wire (2’47”) and it is sourced from the initial magnetic silence of cassette tape. It was firstly processed as waveform in the shape of electric barbed wire and then pitch shifted in order to reach magnetic woofer sound.

The second part is entitled False March (3’03”) being a false march -or start- both in terms of general composition of the piece and also being a reversed sound archive.

The third part, Kindernacht: Guten Abend, Gute Nacht (9’25”) is a base organ and metronome improvisation with further arrangements of children’s choir voice samples of Chilean – German historical archives. It ends in otherworldly field recordings of whale songs -found in internet archive- as the voice of Nature overcoming the voices of violence.

This piece has been especially composed for Ohrenhoch, der Gerausladen Gallery located in Neukoln, Berlin and its sound design has considered the use of the cellar for playing The Invention of the Electric Barbed Wire and the main space for both False March and Kindernacht.

Audio Field Report no. 50 / soundactivism 29:
Interview with Gisela Frick Hassenberg by Knut Remond. Limited Edition audio cassette, 8 copies numbered. Available at ‚ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen‘ (and can be heard in the ohrenhoch archive on headphone).

Gisela Frick – Hassenberg (b. Santiago, Chile 1981) is a sound artist and poet temporarily based in London. She has participated in live improvisation concerts in Santiago and Valparaiso between 2012 and 2014, both in solo and group formats, and played live in the Apiary Studios in London. Her work is part of compilations of Michita Rex Netlabel, Ratordog Netlabel and found in the internet archive as Creative Commons material for free use. Her compositions have been broadcasted in Resonancias Radio in Spain and FSK Radio Hamburg. With a continous development in sound collage, graphic composition and improvisation, she is currently investigating the paradoxes and harmonies between the abstract and the narrative in sound through processed and raw sources.

ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen
Weichselstr. 49
12045 Berlin – Neukölln

Neue Website ‘kompakt’ ohrenhoch:

U7 Rathaus Neukölln | U8 Hermannplatz | Bus M41 Fuldastr.

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