‚Who knows where we are?‘ @ Apartment Project Berlin


Borga Kantürk | Evrim Kavcar | Gökçe Suvari | Gümüş Özdeş | Özge Topçu | Merve Ünsal | Selda Asal | Sevgi Ortaç

Eröffnung: Montag 1. August 2016, 18 – 22 Uhr

at 7:00PM half hour lecture performance by Merve Ünsal

Artists from Istanbul, Izmir, and Mardin have come together in Berlin at Apartment Project in July for a month-long experience of communal living and production. This marks the beginning of a one-year-long process called Mist. Aiming for low visibility and high presence, the artists are considering positions, actions, and presence they can take in response to the accelerating trans-geographic state of exception.

Apartment Project would like to welcome you to discuss the outcomes, leftovers, and artefacts of this first phase to consider where we are. At the space will be
installations, works on paper, collectively produced zines, films, and artist books.

Sis (mist, fog in turkish language): As a group of artists came together to form a temporary collective under the name of Mist, the idea was to articulate at a time when the conceptual and visual frameworks that artists work with seem to fall short. To try to talk about the contemporary times indirectly, using allegories, metaphors, and self-inflicted filters, contributing artists of Mist are looking for modes of expression to both overcome and infiltrate our quotidian.

Die Ausstellung findet im Rahmen des Project Space Festival Berlins 2016

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12055 Berlin

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