„die Legitimitäten müssen neu verteilt werden“ @ Galerie BRD

Zwei verhandeln, ob und wie sie einander nützen können

Two negotiating, whether and how they could benefit each other.

Cosmin Covaciu | Jasmina Feroca | Uwe Greiner

Dienstag 9. August 2016, 14 – 21 Uhr

1. The solution to the problem is unknown.
2. The problem statement itself is still unfolding.
3. Who the key stakeholders are is not clear.

from C. Otto Scharmer Katrin Kaeufer, (2010),”In front of the blank canvas: sensing emerging futures”, Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 31, Issue 4, pp. 21-29

The Galerie BRD is a collective that runs a program gallery. With every exhibition an accompanying text is being published in printed form and online. (Text: PSF)

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