Niko Solorio and Rebecca Salvadori in Dialogue @ Santa Lucia


Niko Solorio and Rebecca Salvadori in Dialogue

Donnerstag 11. August 2016, 12 – 17 Uhr

In Dialogue is a chapter of an ongoing visual exchange between Niko Solorio and Rebecca Salvadori that focuses on a Los Angeles trip that took place in June of 2015. Solorio and Salvadori met in Berlin in 2008 and have since then cultivated an unexpected as well as multifaceted back-and-forth video diary, forming a dialogue that is at once a personal and poetic vestige between two contemporaries exploring each others’ process.

The material does not present a linear structure, but rather becomes a portrait of a dialogue, of a city and of a friendship.

In Santa Lucia it is possible to sit and talk – and the space has the best coffee in town.

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