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Olga Pastekova: ANIMAL VS. CITY

Berlin ArtResidency Exhibition

Eröffnung: Freitag 19. August 2016, 19 Uhr

The topics of my paintings are actually variations on the internal feeling of a human being, an individual, a creature in the dehumanised urban environment. They’re sketches of situations, scenes, thoughts, yet they’re not expressed in a straightforward manner, but on a sort of second level. Essentially, I’m a figuralist painter. My works always include certain beings, creatures, animals or their shadows. More or less concrete, sometimes only suspected. The world of phantoms and myths is more real than reality.
I perceive the creatures that live with us there; I listen to their voices, especially in the night. Urban architecture amazes me. At a certain point, amidst the nocturnal housing estate, there is suddenly a moment of silence – as though everything has died. It’s a metaphysical feeling.
I am always interested in the so-called: mixed media. I like experimenting with different materials, with their contrast, bonding and hybridization…
On my current residency in Institut für Alles Mögliche Im present my new project „Animal vs. City“. Im looking for themes and topics, that are concerning ecological and environmental problems.
I find inspiration in the atmosphere of the night and the world of animals such as wolves and ravens. I work with my personal mythology – symbols of life, transformation, death…
In previous years we have not been very „nature friendly“. We forget, we are part of it. We are selfish. We do not respect animals and nature, but we make it adapt to us, especially wild animals.
Every country, even cities, are known by the wild animals who have been living there naturally. Foxes in London, badgers in Vienna… I think the Berlin bear is known by everyone. The last „Berlin bear“ Schnute died last year. She lived under terrible conditions, because the city decided to have its symbol alive.
I am creating dynamic compositions connecting these animals in contrast to urban (Berlin) architecture. Animals, who have been living in the city and also their ghosts.
I prepared a special light installation. The viewer will attend a special night mystic life.

Olga Pastekova (1984) graduated on the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia) and has also studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (Austria). Her works can be find at the number of exhibitions, not only in Slovakia, but also in Czech Republic, Austria or London. Olga was looking for herself in various branches of art through graphics, video or installation and finally, her „existential media“ has become a painting. Her work is dominated by dark colors and atmosphere of the night. She debuted successfully in the 2006 by cycle „Night Walker“ and her last solo exhibition is “…she took a basket and set out to the woods…“.

Presentation of work + discussion: Dienstag 23. August 2016
Guided tour: Freitag 26. August 2016
Closing, Finnisage + Goodbye Party: Samstag 27. August 2016

Stuttgarter Straße 13
12059 Berlin – Neukölln

20.8. – 28.8.2016

This residency and exhibition is supported by Fond na podporu umenia.

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