Most Wanted – Hier finden Sie das Glück @ rosalux

© Johanna Smiatek, still #4, modified still image, 2016

MOST WANTED – Hier finden Sie das Glück

Installation with evanescent and moving objects, drawings and collages

Eröffnung: Freitag 26. August 26 2016, 19 Uhr

Johanna Smiatek presents in her exhibition MOST WANTED the quest for happiness and shows promises which are made by mass media, advertising and online shops.
Happiness, not as a sensory condition, but as a nondurable good.
The main piece of the exhibition is the “Love-Machine” – an installation, that allows each visitor to enjoy a moment of happiness. More about the artist [here… ]

Wriezener Straße 12
13359 Berlin-Wedding

27. 08. – 18. 09. 2016 | Sa. – So. 14 – 18 Uhr and by appointment

Tram M13, 50 Grüntaler Straße | S Bornholmer Straße | U 8 Pank- /Osloer Straße | |   [view on map]


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