Parkview (group exhibition) @ Frankfurt am Main c/o public parc near Leipziger Str. 40



Antoine Catala | Ben Schumacher | Dean Baldwin  Eric Bell & Kristoffer Frick | Krista Mary Martin | Mario Airò & Gianluca Concialdi | Max Ruf | Nora Schultz | Olga Pedan | Sung Tieu | Tore Wallert & Aleksander Hardashnakov | Vela Arbutina

Sonntag 28. August 2016, 16 – open end

Park View is a group show presented on Leipziger Straße at the end of the ‘Komplex Leipziger Straße’. The show takes the form of a ‘publication’, though instead of a printed and bound issue, this singular edition will be installed in a public park at the periphery of an idyllic DDR-era urban project. The focus of the show is to present several interventions in the public space and the areas nearby which have been left to ruin—as a heterotopia, the images and interventions come together to form a collection of unique images; a physical representation in lieu of a utopian space.

logo_psf2016Frankfurt am Main
c/o Leipziger Str. 40
10117 Berlin

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